a non-profit philanthropic operating foundation

The Floyd Turner Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit philanthropic operating foundation whose exclusive purpose is to provide small college scholarships, financial literacy education and aiding in food insecurity for college students for those who are under served.


Financial Litaracy

Food Security

Necole Floyd-Turner & Felix Bertram Turner

The Turner Foundation, Inc. was founded by Necole Floyd-Turner & Felix Bertram Turner, Auburn Alumnus, as a way to give back to Auburn University through The Auburn University Foundation, more specifically The Office of Inclusion and Diversity. Necole is a native of Brewton, Alabama and attended Auburn on transfer via a private family endowment after being recruited by The Office of Diversity. Felix is a native of Sylacauga, Alabama and attended Auburn as a transfer from Marion Military Institute with an Officer’s Commission. Both have a passion for the educational opportunity of those who are underrepresented in various disciplines of study at Auburn. The Turner Foundation is Philanthropic in nature whose primary objective is meeting the needs of those students who have food insecurities and providing financial literacy and wealth building education opportunities for future leaders and their families. Necole and Felix recognize the importance that generational wealth starts with education and ensuring that those who are underrepresented have the opportunity to not only attend college but fully matriculate.