About us

a non-profit philanthropic operating foundation

The Floyd Turner Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit philanthropic operating foundation whose exclusive purpose is to provide small college scholarships, financial literacy education and aiding in food insecurity for college students for those who are under served.

addressing the food insecurity of college students

The Floyd Turner Foundation’s goal is to address food insecurity of college students in the Auburn/Opelika, Alabama and the Metro-Atlanta area by soliciting, collecting, growing, and facilitating food distribution through a network of service agencies and programs that serve our target population groups.
Through our community partners, The Floyd Turner Foundation provides resources to local university and community food pantries to provide assistance to those students who are experiencing food insecurity. These services are available to those students in the Auburn/Opelika Alabama and Metro-Atlanta area who are identified as in need.
The Foundation also provides Financial Literacy Education to any University or Agency that services students in our target population.